mercredi 23 octobre 2013

VITDFY - Virtual IT Division For You.

VITDFY– A Vital Tool To Accelerate Business Growth and Enable Efficiencies"  Extracting Maximum Value Out of Your Outsourcing Relationships"
IT Outsourcing / Application Support and Maintenance (ASM)

COTSYS’s IT outsourcing model is geared toward delivering powerful business results. COTSYS offers complete IT outsourcing for clients by creating a strategic interdependent relationship and allows corporations, that have been frustrated by high cost, inflexible and incomplete solutions for IT outsourcing, a compelling alternative. COTSYS ITO not only delivers a complete cost effective IT outsourcing solution, but also allows clients to leverage COTSYS’s IT experience, scalability and infrastructure to achieve growth and qualification enhancement. The COTSYS ITO provides an integrated delivery of Infrastructure Services, Application Services, Enterprise Solutions, Managed Services and Research & Development. COTSYS provides the maximum value and deep domain knowledge through its industry specific ITO offerings.
COTSYS leverages its global and multi-timezone capability to provide round the clock 24x7x365 application, technical and business support functions. Our IT infrastructure services allows organizations to focus on their core competence while we manage their infrastructure including hardware, software, business applications and IT-enabled business processes. COTSYS manage the entire product lifecycle, reducing maintenance & sustenance costs, to deploy internal resources on higher value and core competence tasks.

What we offer
Most of the In-house IT/Computer Science/ Software divisions or departments face problems like:

> Day to day management of complex MIS activities.
> High investment on resources, technology & infrastructure,
> Outsource resource or provide costly training to in-country resources.
> Complex Management of technology and projects.
> Higher risks.

COTSYS offers you, a VITDFY program. This program addresses all the issues generally In-house IT/Computer Science/ Software divisions or departments face.
This program outsource your work, which is based on Incremental model and finally provides you, your own IT division. In essence, we act like your In-house IT/Computer Science/ Software divisions or department.
Benefits for you

Customer Satisfaction
> Freedom from complex In-house IT/Computer Science/ Software divisions or
departments management issues, by less or no investment.
> Effective Return on Investment.
> No resource management.
> Less risks.
> No management of technology issues.
> Effective & efficient MIS outcomes.
> 24X7 support & management.
> Subject expertise.
> Immediate Business Results.
> Speed to Delivery [50-75% Faster].
> Guaranteed Cost Savings [25-50%].
> Utilizing even lower cost resources for defined work like cities in India, Australia leading to significant cost advantage on over all resource usage.

> Guaranteed SLA Improvements [Minimum 30%].
> Higher customer facing US, India & Australia, teams leading to both perceived and real customer satisfaction advantage.
> High Quality Work Product.
> Eliminates "To Specification but Not to Expectation" deliverables.

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